Grown with love

Sprouts, Shoots, and Microgreens are exciting super-foods, these little raw green benefactors are bursting with goodness.
We at Energetic Greens are committed to producing the finest.
Certified organic and soil-grown, our produce is of the highest nutritional value, flavoursome, and beautiful.



Bring the organic garden to your kitchen.
This is the real thing. Super food in its superb form.
The freshest possible sprouts, ready for you to harvest, when you want to eat.

Once harvested, our sprouts are sorted, washed, and packed on our premises to capture their freshness and provide our customers with the best quality produce.


Care Suggestions

Pre-cut range

Sprouts are best kept refrigerated at 2º-4º C, in the closed package provided.
We highly recommend that you consume these products within the time specified as the “best before date”.
To maintain the crunchiness of the sunflower sprouts we provide the resealable bag. We recommend that you keep them sealed in the fridge.

Live sprouts range

These live foods are best consumed young and fresh.
Since these sprouts are alive and still growing, however, this allows you some more time to keep them while preserving their vitality and freshness.

Sprouts and Micro greens in this form are versatile. Enjoy your little organic garden in your kitchen. You will find yourself and your family constantly nibbling on these tasty greens and the look of them will add beauty and liveliness to any home.
Open the lid and place away from direct heat or sunlight. Water lightly every second day or as required.

When kept in room temperature sprouts will continue to grow. Depending on the season and climate, they can be kept for several days. Eventually they will get overgrown and will lose color and shape. At this stage flavor and nutritional value will deteriorate.

When kept refrigerated , live sprouts will last for as long as 2 weeks, sometimes even longer.
If you do keep them refrigerated, it is best to keep the lid on.

Watering instructions:
Watering is best done by placing the punnet in a pan or tray of shallow water about 2 cm deep or as high as the soil level.
Leave for about 2 minutes and remove from the water.
Alternatively you can water the sprouts under your kitchen tap, using a very small stream and holding the punnet in your hand while direct the water along its edges.

Cutting your live sprouts:
With your fingers, gently gather a handful of the leafy part of the sprouts. Using scissors, cut above soil level. Be careful not to pull sprouts from the root.
Shake off any excess soil. Dunk the stems in cold water to rinse as required.



We go to extremes to ensure that you receive the finest, freshest produce.
Our Produce is delivered on Mondays and Thursdays to the wholesale markets in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.
We invite feedback, suggestions and new Stockists



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